5 harmful practices in a link building campaign

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The online presence of businesses has not been a novelty for a while. On the contrary, businesses have either moved completely into the virtual environment, or have expanded into this and this niche, or they have developed from the very beginning on the Internet.

But this online transfer also meant an adjustment to marketing. Internet advertising channels have been a novelty that has evolved in parallel with market development. Search engines (like Google) and social networks (such as Facebook) have taken steps to provide the most effective means of development for businesses.

How do you promote to Google?

Such a way of promotion is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most likely, for many entrepreneurs, this acronym is no longer an unknown one. Besides, from the experience of everyday life we can see how we use search engines to get to the products and services we need. Google searches everywhere, from clothing and footwear stores to doctors, architects, and so on. Which obviously attracted the interest of entrepreneurs. How do you get into the first results on the first page of searches?
The answer is simple in appearance: SEO optimization. But how to optimize a site to get as high as the first page of results? In short, two elements are needed: SEO on-page (a site-based technical procedure) and linkbuilding campaign.

Link Building – one of the most important factors to increase visibility on search engines

Google takes into account over 200 factors when positioning a site in results, but backlinks are still the most important ranking criteria. Linkbuilding is the operation of attracting backlinks to your own site. This action is not at all easy because irresponsibly it can bring serious penalties on Google.
I will present five popular practices that you should avoid when doing a linkbuilding campaign for your site:

1.Enrolling the site into directories – a few years ago, directories were a major link building resource. But the sites that used this technique were penalized by the Google Penguin algorithm. Changing Google’s indexing algorithm can be a headache for someone who does not work in the field of online marketing. For a campaign that takes these changes into account, it is advisable to use the services of an SEO agency.
2.Using ad sites – Ad sites are considered by search engines as damaging as directories. Under no circumstances should be taken into account in the linkbuilding campaign.

3.Excessive “exact match” anchors – exact match anchors are the anchors that match the keyword you are tracking. For example, for a news site, the targeted keyword is “X city news”. And if we use this construction as anchor in the links we build to the site, “city X news” will become an exact match anchor.

Exactly exact match anchors are also a penalty. If you use quality SEO services, the anchor profile will be as natural as possible, including a variety of anchors as large as possible. By exact match anchors you do not get to the top positions in search results, but on the contrary. You may “exile” your site somewhere on the fifth page, where it will not be noticed by anyone.

4.Posting comments on blogs with a link to the site – a popular practice in the past was posting comments on blogs with a link to the site. This method is no longer current, as most of the links in the comments are nofollow (do not transmit SEO authority).

5.Buying backlinks sitewide – sitewide links are those links placed in the blogroll or footer. Considering this practice of buying links in the footer or blogroll, sitewide links now have a negative reputation.

For an effective and responsible linkbuilding campaign, it is advisable to use an SEO firm. The whole process, made “by the ear”, can have serious consequences on your business visibility in the online environment. Although it does not sound very dramatic, lack of visibility, for Internet entrepreneurship, has a profound effect on profit. If you have come to the point where you want to focus on a linkbuilding campaign, professional SEO services will lead you to the desired results.

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