5 small details for a wedding-like story


As soon as the bride is asked for marriage and a beautiful ring finds its place on her finger, she begins a spectacular adventure about organizing a fabulous event. Planning a wedding means a lot of running, the involvement of the entire family and even a professional organizer, an important budget and a lot of patience and ambition to make everything perfect in the smallest details.
Very often, however, it is happening that these details will put wheels in the wheels and even spoil their atmosphere. After all, a special wedding does not mean just a great meal and a famous singer to show but the attention to all those little details that make the guests feel very good, to remember the moment for as long as possible time and really enjoy all the surprises created by the bride on this occasion.

Here are the 5 details that should not be forgotten by the organizer:

  • The choice of the photographer is very important and should not be left on the last hundred meters. It will immortalize the whole atmosphere by giving brides spectacular images. Although it is tempting to hire a person on the phone without watching his portfolio, the bride should know that the photos are seen, they are not told, so they have to find a little time to meet and meet the one that Engage him to understand whether or not he is a professional;
  • Music at the wedding remains the main fun of the guests who can hardly wait to dance on the ring and feel good. But hiring a musical band means spending a lot on the budget, but it can be ideal for those who want someone famous at their wedding;
  • No single wedding can take place without the famous champagne that welcomes the guests and ensures the atmosphere of celebration, full of fireworks and good will. Cast in tall, beautifully decorated glasses, champagne will bring a touch of chic, elegance and refinement;
  • Wedding testimonials are considered by some to be superfluous. In fact, it is not so, the guests will feel very good when they realize that the ladies have made an effort to give them an unforgettable memory from their wedding. The testimony will last for years and will be kept in each participant’s box;
  • Although wedding invitations are very important because it provides guests with all the necessary details regarding the organization of marriage, some of them have started to quit or send them electronically, considering that it is much more modern. A colossal mistake would say specialists in the field. The invitations are not at all expensive and remain a beautiful reminder for the participants;

In conclusion, a beautiful wedding must take into account all those small details that can make a clear difference between a failure and an unforgettable event.

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