6 beneficial and evil things about coffee


Let’s talk a little about the “magic” element in the life of the majority we eat in the morning, alone or with some cigarettes in the case of some, the “magic” element called coffee. We all know what coffee is, we almost always consume coffee, whether we consume it in normal quantities, a cup, two or more, or we consume it in excessive quantities and abuse. But how many of us know what coffee helps us if we eat it in normal quantities, or have a clue what it affects us if we consume it in exaggerated quantities.

Here are 6 good and evil things about coffee

What a cup of coffee helps us:
1. A cup of coffee boosts your attention, concentration and memory. You also saw how a cup of coffee puts you on your feet in the morning and offers you a good mood. Why? Caffeine activates and stimulates cell activity, and glucose is the fuel required for this process.
2.Coffee helps digestion and elimination of toxic substances in the body. Coffee is a good diuretic and stimulates the activity of the excretory device.

3. It gives you a magnificent portion of energy. You have noticed that when you drink a cup of coffee your energy is increased, it gives you a dose of energy over the course of a day and leads to fatigue.

How does coffee consumption affect us in excess:

1.If you drink too much coffee can cause side effects: tachycardia, sweating and acute anxiety. Consuming a large amount of coffee can cause you to increase the incidence of depression and anxiety.
2.Excessive coffee consumption can cause dizziness, voice trembling, dyspnea, headaches and irregular heartbeats.
3.It is well known that drinking coffee in large quantities affects your liver, the risk of osteoporosis and can lead to urinary incontinence.
Caffeine is removed from the body just after 24 hours.

What do you think? Does coffee benefit during a day?

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