A few things about me and 5 steps how I try to improve English

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The first blog I had in 2013, that blog is in my language and it’s about personal ideas and few things about school, but I will not bore you with my last blog.

Why I started this blog?

Firstly I like to write on blog about anything, in general about my ideas, but I can write about your suggestions if you have one.

Secondly I try to improve my English through several steps and one of this steps is writing and reading. I think this is the best step to learn any language.

Five of my personal steps to improve my English

  1. I started to learn English by listening podcasts in English, but it was very boring because at every minute i had to pause that and it’s very annoying for me, I can’t give too much attention to the discussion. Now I listen anything to understand better when someone speaks.
  2. I write down every new word on a notebook and every day repeat those words and try to make sentences with those words. It’s boring but it really work for me. At the beginning I’ve translated the words, but after a while I forget a great deal of them. At this moment, I try to repet every day what I wrote.
  3. Another good thing about I heard but I didn’t use too much it, is to talk as much as possible with other person. I didn’t use this thing too much because I think it’s disturbing for the other person if I don’t now know how to formulate a concrete sentence and don’t understand what the other person is saying. But this step is working very good if you are a bold person. I’m honestly a little more shameful.
  4. I try to make everything in English and I’m trying to dedicate at least for tens of minutes per day to learn something new, by watch movies, by listening to radio on the way to work, sometimes I speak alone in English. If I learn 5-10 words everyday is great.
  5. I try to do what I like in English even if it lasts longer, it can yield obvious results. And the most important thing is to have patience, because don’t learn another language in a month. Must to learn every day to see clear results in a few months.

I will write more about this in another post.

In conclusion, to learn another language, you have to spend a lot of time studying it every day as you can and have patience. You can try to change everything in the language you want to learn, including your mind and your thoughts. It can be easier if you start thinking in that language. At the final I apologize if I make mistakes, It is said that through mistakes you learn.

How do you learn another language?

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