Adventure or drama?


Incidentally or not, at that party, next to Paul, she placed a lady between two ages, very elegant and well-preserved, which made her sweet eyes all evening. I do not know what came to him, but she suddenly felt the need to act, so she responded to her advances.

She gave her compliments, offered to take her home without realizing she was putting her head alone.
When they reached the villa where they lived, the lady kissed him patiently and invited him to drink a glass of wine. He could not go back, he knew what to do. She stayed overnight at her, and became her “toy.” At first she felt quite embarrassed, she did not know what age she had, but she realized she might be her mother.
It was the thought that his friends could find out.
They never ventured, and they often saw her at home. With all the precautions he unlocks the gate, he’s still looking at all sides, not seeing any neighbor, or a friend, as if he was an offender who was preparing to break.
Several times he fence the fence and triggered the alarm, then he had to hide from the security company’s team, where he had a lady subscription.
It was a real adventure to sneak into the yard without being seen. She was not going to see her until after she was dark and had to take care to leave before she got brightened. He had come so tired that he was asleep at work with his head on the desk, instead of working the same way as other colleagues.
One evening she got her heart in her teeth and went to her gate. He had to tell him that he could not continue at this pace, but to his luck he did not answer it, he had even changed the key at the gate.
He never realized what had happened, but he was happy that it was over.

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