An unexpected turn


Last summer Vlad liked his wife and went to Italy, but she found no other way to show gratitude to their host than to love her. What was going to happen in Italy materialized for him in a colossal and also miserable surprise, being the last married woman in the world whom Vlad would have seen by lighting his heels after another man.

They had a happy marriage, but when they put their horns on the horn, it was not good. What could man do? Once again, he said he might be the only one guilty, he was, maybe everything was in his mind. In fact, in so many years of marriage, his wife had never given him reasons of jealousy or suspicion.
The more she assured him that she did not see any magnetism between her and her Italian, but she was bitterly deceived. One night his wife and his Italian wife were in bed, the first thought was to kill them, but he could not do that, so he put in practice a vengeance to conquer the Italian girl.
He did not tell his wife that he was surprised, but the next day, pretending he did not have the pleasure of walking with them. Being alone at home with the Italian girl, they locked the door and gave her beautiful girls, with all the love and with all possible dedication, a first unforgettable experience, after which he made some suggestive pictures, and left.
As for his wife and her Italian lover, things were going to be pretty unpleasant. The girl showed her father’s photos, threatening that if a housewife did not come back, she would tell her everything to her mother.
In his turn, before going to divorce, he told his wife that he had a stroke with the Italian, then showed him his pictures with the Italian girl.

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