Get rid of the presence of shyness | Story of teenager shy


Shyness is a feature that takes hold of many people in this century. Starting with teenagers, up to older people. And most people can not overcome this. Many people put up some false labels about them, as they get older, many people lose their self-confidence and shyness begins to increase.

Often, shyness occurs with interactions with the opposite sex, and communication becomes a very serious problem that poses a barrier to barriers, along with the fear of not putting a negative tag on the person we interact with. This unfortunate feature takes hold of us in the most delicate moments, affecting social, professional and sentimental life.

But let me tell you a short story about a teenager and his shyness.

And at the moment he remembers how shy he was in the past. With an early age, it was almost impossible to escape the present timidity in the lives of many teenagers. What is more painful for some people is that that shyness extends to older ages. That’s because of mistrust, the fear of criticizing others, the fear of exposing us to an embarrassing situation, or the laughter of others, and there are many more reasons for this shyness, but we’ll talk a little later about all the factors that make us shy. As I told you at the beginning, she remembers being ashamed and buying something from the store, and talking to people
we and the unknown did not happen at all, and if by a miracle he opened his mouth, his voice was a trembling, ashamed, a slow voice, which you had to listen very carefully if you wanted to understand two words of what he was saying. But with the time this shyness began to easily, easily disappear from his life. But not with book-taking techniques and magic recipes to get rid of shyness overnight, because there’s no magic recipe to get rid of shyness overnight while you sleep or you get embarrassed in depression because of shyness that tears you down. You seem to want to get rid of any fear, get out on the streets at any hour, stop a person at random, and go through a conversation without any fear, without asking any questions like “if he thinks are I psychopathic and I go like that? “” Do I say something silly and make me laugh? “” Do they make her uncomfortable? “” Do the people around me laugh about me? “
He almost always went to the store, and beside him was a close person, asking her to buy for him. He could not get over it, he was afraid, he did not know why, but he was afraid. But this fear did not last long, it started easy, it was easy not to appeal to the people around him, every time he got his heart in his teeth and bought it, maybe he felt a little weird at first, but after the first words says all the shyness passed. It was not enough to get his heart back in his teeth once, he had to do this many times to get rid of the shyness of shopping.
The biggest problem came when it grew more, as if shyness and fear in the past had gone into a new stage, from the shyness of buying at the store, turned into the shyness of knowing a new girl. What was very damn to him was the fact that he was very complicated by this, almost coming into depression. There were many pretty girls around him who he might have known, started chatting and creating a certain connection between them, but allowed them to pass by without seeing him without a minute, without to know them or to say at least a “good” one.
It was becoming a very serious problem for him, he did not know what to do. She did not take any time for a very long time, she went very hard in a conversation with a girl she did not know at all, it was not impossible, but she did not, any girl on the street liked it and wanted to having a conversation with her and knowing her let her pass by. By the ninth grade, she had a beautiful girl in sight, she had a long time in sight, and for a very long time she did nothing about it, saw it, put her head in the ground and went on without at least to notice him a little. It was easy, easy to get to know the problem, no longer had the problem of being ashamed to look at it, trying to get over it, but it did not work out of it first, it was all but that. Until one day when he was alone with a very good colleague in the yard of the school, and at some point he appeared to face his dreams, at that moment he made a sudden change, from there started the disappearance of shyness, went to her , almost complete with emotions, but she had nothing to do, she had to pass once and all over it, she put her problem in the following way, “what’s it gonna be, why let another beautiful girl go beside me without even telling her a “good” “, she reached her, trembling from all the joints, striking a” good “shaking and shame. That was the beginning of the defeat of the shyness, the conversation with that girl went very hard, but without any regrets, still practicing this many times, without being afraid she may not like it, that she can say some stupidity, maybe it is not the right timing, the complexity of his complexity, began to pass easily, gently until he completely disappeared from his life. Since the shyness has disappeared, all his social and emotional relationships have improved greatly, he has seen a lot of very lucky people, who would have been sorry to let them pass by without even telling him a few things. And what about the girls did not need any magic recipe to have succes. Success came when he was sure of him, he was not ashamed of a girl, and held a conversation in a natural way, noticing what he was defining and opening a topic on the subject.
Many people have the impression that in order to conquer a girl you need magical recipes, cheap tricks, money or other trivial things, but everyone who has this impression is wrong. You do not need those things, you need trust in yourself, develop your ability to observe, learn slowly, slowly how to start a conversation with a girl, a conversation that expands and does not end in 3 sentences short and bad.
Usually people are still thinking about whether to act or not, which is totally wrong, why to think, it is much more enjoyable and practical to go to the person without any restraint, no matter if I like it or not by that person, it is normal that not everyone can enjoy me.
The key to shy away is to practice, practice and put into situations where you have to talk to new people in any circumstance.
Once we practice and act, the distrust disappears in us, all fear is lost.

At present, studies show that there is a very large number of children up to 15 years of age who face shyness.

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