How can you control your dreams? | What is your favorite dream?


Some people can manipulate their dreams and do them the way they want, but how?
Generally speaking, dreams are narrative or from experiences already experienced, which often occur during REM sleep. You may have heard of lucid dreams, right? Generally, lucid dreams are those in which you know you are dreaming and you are totally aware. Some who have lucid dreams say they can control their dreams. Almost half the population had a lucid dream at one point.

So, how can you train your brain to have lucid dreams, and even control them? It is possible to say that one thing or another will make us have a lucid dream, but some experts advise you to try to induce. Follow what you dream, look for objects, people, or recurring places, after identifying these things, you can consciously recognize those elements in your dreams.

You can try to prepare your mind to recognize those elements by telling you before bedtime “the next time I see the element, I will realize I’m dreaming.” You can also increase your chances of a lucid dream during a day, during an activity, or as you move, doing a mental check, asking, “Am I awake?” This will encourage your subconscious to do the same thing while you are dreaming, thus increasing the likelihood of having a lucid dream.

In fact, in a recent study of 169 participants, about 17% of them have managed to have a lucid dream when they tried a combination of methods.

So what happens in a lucid dream?
Well, it starts by becoming fully aware of the fact that you dream. Apart from recognizing any sign in your dream, this can happen in a variety of ways. For example, in a dream the reading is very tough and complicated. Those who have a lucid dream say that if you try to read something, you will notice that the words are mixed, then you have to understand that you are dreaming, if you were awake you could read it properly. They also say that you can see that you dream when you notice something unusual or something impossible in that dream, for example when you see that a dog speaks to a child. Some people claim to be able to control their surroundings, their actions, even the actions of others. Creating the dream they want.

Studies have found that people are more consistent in lucid dreams than in regular sleep and exhibit increased activity in certain frequencies in the brain. Brain areas associated with self-reflection and self-evaluation are activated. Besides psychic training, there are more ways to influence your dreams.

One study found that if you smell something beautiful while you sleep, such as a rose, it is more likely to have positive dreams, compared to the horrible odor of the moldy egg that has caused more negative dreams.

Studies have also shown that low electrical current stimulation is able to induce lucid dreams. Manufacturers have immediately taken advantage of this idea, creating headband that stimulates the brain’s electrical current during sleep. Experts are reluctant because it is unclear what effect this stimulation has on other areas of the brain. In addition to playing with your dreams for “fun”, controlling your dreams can be very beneficial to treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress) and post-traumatic nightmares. By mastering these dreams, those who have PTSD feel safer in their awake condition and have fewer nightmares.

What is your favorite dream? How true do your dreams look like?

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