How to Care for Gold Jewelry


Basic care:

Jewelry should be treated with love and grjia. They should be cherished and enjoyable every time you wear them. There are, however, some important things to keep in mind so that your jewelry will last for generations. The following are basic guidelines for preserving jewelery:

Unlike us, jewelers do not like to get wet, shower or bath in the sea.

They do not like to be perfumed, with lotions and hair powders, so it’s good to cover the areas where you wear jewelery. Gold jewelery has to make a break, so it should be the last thing you put in the morning and the first thing you take out in the evening. Believe it or not, whatever the price, jewels that look delicate … really are. That’s why it’s not good to wear them when swimming or playing a game or football.

When you travel and do not wear a gold chain, it’s good to put them in a special bag or in a special bag, never throw them away, a pocket of your handbag. While sleeping, it’s a good idea to put the jewels in a box or special box, do not leave them on the bedside table or the toilet table.

Of course, jewels are meant to be worn, seen and enjoyed, but do so with care!

Caring for Gold Jewelry:

Gold jewelery of any type of karate can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning, soak gold jewelry in a glass of hot water with a drop or two non-detergent soap to help remove any oils and weaken the accumulation. Remove after a few minutes and dry on a soft cloth. To clean more, use a very soft and worn toothbrush to carefully remove any particles of dirt or debris.

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