It was a fate or a destiny ?


She had to leave the train in another city with the service, in the station stopped a beautiful young woman with some very beautiful eyes, the golden hair was mirrored in the sun, and she said: I like you and we will meet you, you are my destiny , smiled and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

He stumbled on the train with the thought of the madness he had just heard from the mouth of a tangled body, yet as if he had hypnotized it, thinking only of it, it was a mystery to him.
She was puzzled, but at the same time she was happy, but she still felt that she would meet you on that mysterious girl who had fed him with that glance and understanding.
Happiness was just his own and no one else’s, as though he would like to laugh with everyone in the train, but she was just staring at that window that she saw only.
He had learned in life that he can not control any movement, any sad or happy moment, even though until then he was a bit sadder, now he was in the new sky, but he had to forget about it for the moment and to think about his problems he had to solve them.
That night, she remembered her and the mysterious words he’d told her, and she seemed to have no patience until she got back to the train station where she knew her, she started to sigh after that, and she thought of each second, another minute that passed so hard, before falling asleep, because it meant the magic that appeared and disappeared very quickly.
Maybe it was not even a chance, maybe it was destiny, as she would have liked to believe, maybe that woman appeared in her path when he most needed a wonderful soul near him.
She did not know if she was going to see her again, but to his luck, she was back there and was waiting for him, just in the first meeting that had met her.
They both strolled around, spoke their opinions, ideas, and even shared the pretzels they had bought.
They opened their souls to each other, and they both decided to stay together, and never to break away.
It was clear that it was not an accident, it was the destiny of some people who happened to happen.

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