Realistic representation of life


Several weeks passed during which Paul studied Grammar, recited the code of elegant manners, and devoured all the cards that were in his hand. At the library you find another treasure. As the grammar had shown the basic laws of speech, the book now settles into the most important laws of poetry and from it began to learn about measure, rhythm and imagination, thus experiencing the joy of learning under the cover of beauty the springs and the mysteries of this beauty. Another quite new book that treats them as poetry as a realistic representation of life, undertaking in this direction an exhaustive research with many quotes from the most famous literary works. He had never read a novel of interest and attention with which he studied these works.

And his mind full of freshness, for a few years unbearable in efforts, and now so desperate burners, assimilated everything he read, with a force never encountered to ordinary students.
When, from the height where the look now turned to the old world known once, the old world seemed to pour over and gradually mix with the new one. His mind was looking for unity, and he was surprised when he first noticed contact points between the two worlds. At the same time he felt enchanted by the wonder of the thoughts and the beauty found in the books.
His childhood had been disturbed by an anxious worry, he had never known what he wanted, but he had seen something that he had not run through in vain. Now that anxiety had become different, but he finally knew, clearly and without doubt, that beauty, culture, and love was infused.

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