The attitude of man misunderstood


Mara had remained locked in herself, and in the coming days, talking seldom and feeling very depressed. Dan, she notices her melancholy. But he could not understand it, perhaps because he was too absorbed by others. Sometimes he was almost losing his patience. He knew how hot she had wanted to get married. Now he had reached the target; it is true that the motives were new, out of the blue. For a positive mind, however, there was only purpose, means and cause were not important. For thousands of times he had forced himself into his career, to bypass, to overcome the obstacles, to guard against them.

He was only interested in the end. That was the only reality. Then why was she bothering her soul, as if she waited for her to know what a misfortune ?! She was becoming more and more anxious in the face of her distressing suffering, which appeared to her as a joke.
Dan often expresses his thoughts in his calm and communicative way. Mara did not respond to his wise, logical words, except through a negative gesture and silence. He is angry, as a man feels, when he seems to be despondent, and his raging was as big as deep in the soul, he felt that Mare’s was an injustice.
He took the attitude of the unintelligible, upsetting man with enough dibacy. She was about to take her “misty mood”. He knew how strange they are, sometimes women! For no reason, when you expect less. Instead of jubilating, jumping up with joy, that everything had finished well, was glad for her father, she was walking with such a funeral funeral.

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