Top 5 Baby Myths. Which of them have you heard?

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For fresh mothers, the maternal instinct is the strongest and most appropriate thing to listen to in raising children. But besides this, there are also tips, incidents or experiences of others, from which she can learn when she is confronted with an unusual situation. This information, when correct, can greatly help her mother.
However, regardless of the source, there will be less true information that can mislead you if you are or have recently become your mother. In addition, each experience is unique and different, so the things you read will not apply the same in all cases.

Discover what parenting myths about parenting:

Only nursing develops a healthy baby
Indeed, breast milk is the best food for babies. But for various reasons, often medical problems, some women can not breastfeed the baby. For this reason, formula milk, that is milk powder, was invented. Although there were rumors saying that it is not good for the young, it has been shown that breastfed babies of this type were just as healthy and had a normal development, like those breastfed by mothers.

The child should eat solid food and drink water before reaching 6 months

In the first months of life, babies receive all the nutrients and all the food they need through the milk. No solid foods are needed because their digestive system is not yet developed. Also, no water is needed, because moisturizing is also done through milk. The only moments when you can give your baby a teaspoon of water are the hot summer days. Then, after 4 or 6 months, depending on your doctor’s advice, you can begin to introduce a diversified diet. Slowly and patiently, you can try to give your baby grains, paste fruit and vegetables and, gradually, meat. You should be alert to the reactions the child has to the food you first know to avoid allergies

Babies should be wrapped, all the time

This is false. Newborn babies need freedom of movement, and clutter too tightly does more harm than good. This can lead to serious health problems such as hip dysplasia. The baby should wear comfortable, lightweight, cotton clothes that do not contain dangerous items such as safety pins or large buttons.

Hat should be worn all the time, even in the home

The baby should not have his head covered all the time, especially indoors. Capsules must be worn outside the required weather conditions. If you always cover your head, the little one will develop a sensitivity to any airflow or slightly lower temperatures.

The child has to eat everything from the plate

Or, a fat kid means a healthy baby. Both are false. Children have a different rhythm of growth and individual needs. The doctor is the only one who can see if his development is in normal parameters. A baby who is eating excessively and forcing him to finish the dish has negative effects on his health. Allow the little one to finish eating when the village feels!

When it comes to raising your baby, it takes into account the maternal instinct and the doctor’s advice. Use all other information as landmarks, but do not follow them strictly, especially if you notice that they do not fit your needs and your baby’s needs!

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