Top 7 tuning changes you can make to your car


Among the car enthusiasts are those who are looking to put their personal footprint, opting for a series of changes at the body or interior level. The most popular changes to cars, typically sports, are at the level of rims, tinted windows, bars or interior, by improving the quality of the audio system. Regardless of the variant they choose, passionate drivers consider that a lot of changes bring a much more interesting picture to the car.

Here are some tuning variants that will greatly change the look of your car:


If you want to make a change to the car but do not want to go to the body, a new set of suspensions can bring it closer to the ground and give it a sporty look, urban. When choosing suspensions, be sure to provide them with utility and fit for the car type, so you can handle it without difficulty.


The most common modifications to the machines are rims. If carefully chosen, they can greatly change the look. They can be classical, suited to a sleek, limousine, or Dotz car with carbon fiber and a very special design. A set of special wheels will turn your car into a personality car.


The sides of the car can add extra color and style by fitting new thresholds that change the height of the car and its appearance. Thresholds are a great detail because they complete the car and if you choose the right ones, they can add extra personality.


Smoke windows are trendy among tuning enthusiasts, but they give a lot of headaches at the same time. The film to be applied to the windows must be installed with great care, for a beautiful look. It is advisable to call a specialist who will apply it with special tools without leaving folds. Also, the approval of the sheets is very important and you will also have the guarantee that it is of the highest quality.


Extending them in front and behind the car will give it a more serious and aggressive look. Spoilers greatly change design, but it will make your work harder when you want to park close to a curb or pavement. This type of change is recommended for cars that will run on roads, not on rough roads.


Additional mounts can usually be mounted on the car’s hood or rear, at the luggage compartment. Their role may be to support bicycles or other means of transport on two wheels. There are also luggage racks or special bars for skis, snowboards, etc., but they will be fitted according to the model of the car. Therefore, before making a choice, it is advisable to consult with a specialist who will then perform the assembly.


A more efficient braking system can completely change driving experience. Especially recommended for sports cars, they will make the car much easier to control in various situations. Moreover, they will give you extra driving safety.

If you’ve decided to make some changes to your car, keep in mind that the aesthetic sense must take precedence. Puts emphasis on quality because cheap accessories will only make it look more unpleasant, even unsightly. Thus, any choice you make, puts quality and good taste first.

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