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Thinking of a woman - OnGabs

Thinking of a woman

Thinking of a woman

Women are romantic, women dream of bedclothes made of rose petals, women hope Fat-Hands to warm their nights full moon. Women know that somewhere, in this great world, a man wants hugs. Learned by the little ones to be orderly, cautious and anticipate moments, women prepare in advance, consciously or not, the dowry. There is no girl or woman on the ground who does not have eyes on the colorful 3D bed linen, I guarantee you.

Have you noticed how she reacts when the bed linen they come to reach them? I remove the feverish packaging, but with careful care, gently remove the new sheets, smelling the freshly sewn and scarfed fabric, they cling to their chest with passion, as if in their arms, the underwear would be metamorphosed, becoming the Beautiful Feet they were Promised in adolescence.

It dips its face in the sheets, inspires deeply and sighs happily.

Women can talk for hours on bed linen without getting tired or getting bored. They are interested in the model, the material, the colors, and are able to throw even the last money out of the house for a good quality underwear, if it comes out of their way, then boast with her to the girlfriends until the evening, when the true enjoyment begins. Women look for the right pillows, hide them with pity in the new-looking pillowcases, stretch out on the bed the inflated, indented, stabbed, then take care of the envelope. The envelope sheet, in which it flies accurately by watchmaker blanket, pleading, pilot …

Only then seems to calm down. They lie in bed, well perfumed and creamy, take their books in their hands and … Discover that in a part of the bed a box was made. It gets up, arranges it, it’s lingering again.

The pillow did not feel good, for a corner of the pillow was empty. They rise up, fix the shortcoming, stretch themselves again … Finally, they fall asleep, but even in the sleep they are careful not to twist, not to disturb the bed too hard. How sensitive you are, woman!

We, men, do not attach too much importance to bed linen. For us, everything is the same, so we look for those in the outlet store, or, more simply, let women choose what makes them happy. What does the man look like in the lingerie, if he rolls on the sofa, with the beer in one hand, with the remote control on the other, thinking about the match that’s about to start? What does the man care about if there are flowers, peacocks, or square stripes on the bed?

For a man, an interesting bed is the bed in which the beloved woman stares, preferably in fine underwear, laced, waiting to be tight in her protective arms. If he is alone, the man often forgets to put lingerie on the bed, and if he puts them, he gets rid of them on pizza sauce, burns them with his cigarette, leaving traces that would scandalize a woman. However, any man who respects has in his wardrobe a set of new bed linens, with romantic patterns, prepared for the day when …

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